“The rowing craze is quickly catching on around the nation, with some even calling it the ‘new spinning.’”


What makes us different?  Every one of our classes provide each individual with a customized workout. While the workout itself is completed together as a group, the workload is individualized based on each participant's abilities.  Our program's individualized workload guarantees your trips to Live2Row Studios will be the most beneficial workouts possible.  In addition, rowing is low impact, and when done properly there is almost no stress on your joints.  Finally, we take the time to teach you the proper rowing technique in order to reduce stress injuries that result from poor posture and technique.

Noticeable and measurable gains! Our unit of measure at Live2Row Studios is the watt. We measure every workout and define your specific workload in watts, or the power created every time you take a stroke on our Concept2 Indoor Rower.  We can guarantee improvement in all areas of fitness and overall health in as little as three weeks. You will not only feel stronger and more flexible,  but if weight loss is your goal, consider it done! With an average of roughly 500 calories burned per class, rowing uses 85% of all the muscles in your body, so the calories don't stand a chance. 

Equipment & Technology. We take pride in the services we provide, which means we also take pride in the equipment we use in the process. Each one of our rowing machines are Concept2 Indoor Rowers (ergs). These are the same machines used by just about every rowing club in the world; from collegiate rowing programs to the most elite of rowing teams including the US Olympic Rowing Team, the Concept2 is the erg of choice. 

Rowing is a full body workout that burns more calories per hour than any other cardiovascular activity. Click the links below to learn more.