How long have you been rowing? With what team?

I am currently in my fourth year of rowing at OARS (Orlando Area Rowing Society)

Did you train at Live2Row over summer and/or winter breaks? If so, did you see drop in your erg scores?

Yes, I trained at Live2Row over the summer and winter breaks and definitely saw an improvement in my erg scores, even just after a few sessions.

How did Live2Row one on one technical sessions help you get faster on the erg and water?

During the personal technical sessions at Live2Row, I was able to work 1 on 1 with the coaches which, being on such a big team, it's not always easy to get at practice. Coach Stephen and Coach Justin were able to break everything down and and show me how to really use my power on each stroke.

How are Live2row erg workout different from the erg workout you do with your rowing team?

The erg workouts at Live2Row are more personalized for each individual, and they are based on watts which is something we don't do at practice.

Any other advice you would give a rower looking to get faster?

Erg a lot. Make it your friend and let it scare you. Once you get past the mental block, it's so much easier to get faster.