When your introductory period ends, you will have three membership options.

"Elite" Membership- Continue with Unlimited Access ($119/mo recurring monthly)

"Varsity" Membership- Downgrade to 3x a Week Access ($79/mo recurring monthly)

"Recreational" Membership- Pay as you go Access ($150 for a 10 Class Pack)


To UPGRADE from our Recreational Membership to the Elite or Club Memberships simply use any remaining classes from your 10 class pack.  Then click and sign up for any of the memberships below.

"Elite" Membership- Unlimited Access ($119/mo recurring monthly)

"Club" Membership- 3x a Week Access ($79/mo recurring monthly)


To UPGRADE from our Varsity Membership to Elite. Please contact us at Live2RowStudios@gmail.com.  We can very easily make the changes in the studio at your next class.  Thank you!