As rowing coaches, we know how important proper technique is to rowing. We teach the basics of the rowing stroke and how to generate power.   Veteran rowers and complete novices alike will leave each classes having completed a great full budy workout.  New to Live2Row Studios?  Sign up for your FREE class here.

"60" vs "90" - Do not be scared!  "60" and "90" do not represent the time spent rowing in a given workout. Rather, "60" and "90" are the total time from when you walk in the studio until you walk out; this includes warm up, the workout on the rowing machine (erg), cool down, and stretch.

Cardio 60 - - As the name implies, this class will be focused on increasing your cardiovascular capacity.  Whether you are looking to improve heart health, training for rowing, or cross training for another sport this class will make you fit.  

Cardio 90 - A longer version of our Cardio 60 workout.  This allows for longer time at what coaches call "steady state."  This is not workout for "novice" members and is great for those members looking to take their fitness to the next level.  Cardio 90 is a great way to pack in some serious meters!

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Weight Loss 60 - Our weight loss class involves moving participants between high intensity intervals of decreasing length and lower level aerobic work.  High intensity intervals training (HIIT) increases heart rates to 85-95% of their maximum, thus increasing the caloric burn rate.  Get fit with HIIT!

Weight Loss 90 - Looking to drop some serious weight before a wedding or the beginning of beach season?  Weight loss 90 has you covered.   The workout contains a ton of fat busting HIIT intervals that crush the calories. 

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Strength and Core 60 -   This class works participants through specific sequence of rowing drills used by some of the best rowing coaches in the country.  These drills help build the core, legs, and back muscles used in the rowing stroke.  Strength and Core 60 is a great for anyone looking to build or tone muscle and can improve posture, flexibility, and back problems

Strength and Core 90 -   This longer version of Strength and Core workout contains more muscle ripping intervals as well as some more advanced drills for building core and back strength.

Recovery 60 -   A bit tired and sore?  Thinking about skipping your workout today?  Recovery 60 is a perfect workout. Rowing coaches call this workout a "swing row."  Your mind and body will feel better after completing this workout.  Don't skip your row today. Come in for a bit of recovery.