Classes that fit your goals

Cardio 60

As the name implies, this class will be focused on increasing your cardiovascular capacity.  Whether you are looking to improve heart health, training for rowing, or cross training for another sport this class will make you fit.

Cardio 90

A longer version of our Cardio 60 workout.  This allows for longer time at what coaches call “steady state.”  This is not workout for “novice” members and is great for those members looking to take their fitness to the next level.  Cardio 90 is a great way to pack in some serious meters!

Weight Loss 60

Our weight loss class involves moving participants between high intensity intervals of decreasing length and lower level aerobic work.  High intensity intervals training (HIIT) increases heart rates to 85-95% of their maximum, thus increasing the caloric burn rate.  Get fit with HIIT!

Weight Loss 90

Looking to drop some serious weight before a wedding or the beginning of beach season?  Weight loss 90 has you covered. The workout contains a ton of fat busting HIIT intervals that crush the calories.

Strength and Core 60

This class works participants through specific sequence of rowing drills used by some of the best rowing coaches in the country.  These drills help build the core, legs, and back muscles used in the rowing stroke.  Strength and Core 60 is a great for anyone looking to build or tone muscle and can improve posture, flexibility, and back problems.

Strength and Core 90

This longer version of Strength and Core workout contains more muscle ripping intervals as well as some more advanced drills for building core and back strength.

Recovery 60

A bit tired and sore?  Thinking about skipping your workout today?  Recovery 60 is a perfect workout. Rowing coaches call this workout a “swing row.”  Your mind and body will feel better after completing this workout.  Don’t skip your row today. Come in for a bit of recovery.

Member Rankings

Our members work hard to earn their meters so we proudly display their success using Concept2’s meter tracking system. Check out the best of the best to get inspired and remember that you can achieve your own personal goals by simply sticking to your schedule.


Mondays - Fridays

6 am, 7 am, 8 am, 9 am, and 10 am

5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 pm


Saturdays & Sundays

8 am, 9 am, and 10 am


We offer hour long classes open to anyone regardless of experience and welcome walk-ins on a first come first serve basis. To view a more detailed schedule click the button below.

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What you can expect

What makes us different?  Every one of our classes provide each individual with a customized workout. While the workout itself is completed together as a group, the workload is individualized based on each participant’s abilities.  Our program’s individualized workload guarantees that your trips to Live2Row Studios will be the most beneficial workouts possible to Maximize Results and reach your fitness goals.  In addition, rowing is low impact, and when done properly there is almost no stress on your joints.  Finally, we take the time to teach you the proper rowing technique in order to reduce stress injuries that result from poor posture and technique.

Noticeable and measurable gains! Our unit of measure at Live2Row Studios is the watt. We measure every workout and define your specific workload in watts, or the power created every time you take a stroke on our Concept2 Indoor Rower.  We can guarantee improvement in all areas of fitness and overall health in as little as three weeks. You will not only feel stronger and more flexible,  but if weight loss is your goal, consider it done! With an average of roughly 500 calories burned per class, rowing uses 85% of all the muscles in your body, so the calories don’t stand a chance.

Equipment & Technology. We take pride in the services we provide, which means we also take pride in the equipment we use in the process. Each one of our rowing machines are Concept2 Indoor Rowers (ergs). These are the same machines used by just about every rowing club in the world; from collegiate rowing programs to the most elite of rowing teams including the US Olympic Rowing Team, the Concept2 is the erg of choice.

Membership Pricing

New to Live2Row Studios?  Try it for 2 weeks FREE by clicking here. No strings attached!

When your introductory period ends, you will have the following membership options to choose from.


Gain unlimited access to our facility for the low cost of $119 per month.

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Gain access to our facility 3 times a week for the low cost of $79 per month.

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Show up for 5 separate sessions in your first two weeks and your first month membership is only $50!

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Do I need to sign up for my first class?

Walk-ins are welcome on a first come, first serve basis. See our schedule and simply show up for a class that fits with your schedule. If you would like to reserve a seat, simply click here.

What if my fitness isn’t that great? Will I be able to row for an hour?

At Live2Row Studios, there are no expectations other than your desire to maximize your potential and improve your health. We understand that our members start with a wide range of fitness levels. Our classes are designed so that people of all abilities can participate.

I am coming off of a significant injury/surgery. Will I be able to make it through a class?

Rowing is low impact, so it is great for people who are getting back into fitness after joint or back problems.

Where are you located?

We are located at 2783 Old Winter Garden Road Ocoee, FL in the Maguire Crossing Plaza near the intersection of Old Winter Garden and Maguire Roads.

What should I bring/wear?

Wear fitted, comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoes. Live2Row classes are a full body workout so you will break a sweat! Proper hydration is crucial, so bring a water bottle. We have a water cooler available for refills.

Do you have a locker room?

We do not currently have a locker room or changing facility.

After I complete my first class, what’s next?

After completing your first class, you can become an Introductory Member with unlimited access for your first month for only $49. All of our pricing and membership information is available here.

I travel out of state a lot. Which membership is right for me?

We allow our members to pause their memberships if you are leaving on vacation or business for a week or longer. Therefore, you can sign up for any type of membership without worries that you will “waste” weeks when you are out of town.

Show up for 5 separate sessions in your first two weeks and your first month membership is only $50!

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