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Achieve Your Goals Through Rowing

At Live2Row Studios, we provide a tailored indoor rowing workout in a group class environment. Our members have been able to increase general fitness, improve endurance, and lose weight through our low impact rowing workouts that engage 87% of the muscles in the body. Live2Row workouts allow people of any skill level a sustainable & consistent program aimed at achieving their fitness goals. Interested in seeing how rowing can benefit you?

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Become part of a powerful team and enjoy the benefits of indoor rowing with Live2Row’s 2 Week Free Trial. The only commitment needed is your drive and energy. Need a little encouragement? Watch below to learn how indoor rowing at Live2Row is your perfect solution for a healthier lifestyle.

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Maximize General Fitness
Rowing workouts engage 87% of your muscles and help avoid joint stress and risk of injury while increasing general fitness.

Low Impact Training
Rowing is a Lowimpact workout and does not create the same stress on your joints like walking and jogging. For these reasons, this is an excellent cardiovascular and endurance workout for midlifers.

Lose Weight Fast
Rowing is a great cardiovascular and strength training workout that allows you to burn more calories in less time and achieve your weight loss goals. You can expect to burn 500+ calories at each of our workouts.


Mondays - Fridays

6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am

5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm


Saturdays & Sundays

8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am


We offer hour long classes open to anyone regardless of experience and welcome walk-ins on a first come first serve basis. To view a more detailed schedule click the button below.

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Meet Your Coaches

Our coaches are here to help you begin and continue your rowing journey. Learn more about them and how they will be helping you reach your fitness goals. Then sign up for a class by checking out the Live2Row schedule.

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Show up for 5 separate sessions in your first two weeks and your first month membership is only $50!

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