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Take the guesswork out of your rowing routine. Live2Row coaches help you succeed, whether taking your first stroke, planning your first race, or aiming to win at the next regatta. 


Rowers want to go fast. Speed comes from power. Power results from three variables: length, force & acceleration.

We teach how to leverage the relationship between stroke rating, acceleration, and power to gain speed through indoor rowing.

Ergometers serve a purpose beyond intense workouts and fitness gains. They are valuable teaching aids thanks to the immediate feedback through their monitor. Complemented by expert coaching, ergs prove instrumental for assisting on-water rowers in enhancing their stroke length, power and overall efficiency.

Our technical coaching focuses on maximizing those three variables to get the more out of your stroke. The foundation of our program revolves around the Stroke Power Index or SPI, which enables us to personalize each workout to every individual, every session. We further use the data to measure real progress toward your goals, wither it's more max power or a better 2k time. 


Masters rowers balance work, family, rowing, and all aspects of life. We understand that sometimes rowing is near the top of the priority list; other times, it's not.

Our coaching goal is to meet you where you are in your rowing journey and provide a range of options as you progress. Daily classes take the guesswork out of what workout to do next. Training Camps provide a structured program for specific seasons. One-on-one sessions keep you accountable toward your goals.

In each option, gain meaningful technical feedback on the erg that transfers to your on-water days. And our online rowing community will support you, becoming your cheering section for each milestone and regatta.


As former youth rowing coaches, we understand the need for one-on-one coaching and specialized training. We also understand that most youth rowing teams need more resources and staff to provide every rower the the individualized coaching they need to progress. The rowing calendar also has training gaps where fitness can slide if rowers aren't held accountable.

We aim to help fill these training voids, improving youth rowers' results & opportunities. Using the erg as a teaching tool, our coaching will help you understand how to generate more power while building your fitness for racing on ergs and in the boat. You'll learn how to effectively prepare and train for major events, growing your confidence and skills along the way. Whether you want to make the "A" boat or be a college recruitment candidate, the Live2ROw program will cox you to your goals.

How Coaching Helps

Participants of Live2Row Summer HP

Camps continued on to row at:

  • University of Alabama

  • Marist College

  • Cornell University

  • Syracuse University

  • Columbia Universty

  • University of Louisville

  • Harvard University

  • Jacksonville University

  • University of Virginia

  • Drexel University

  • MIT

  • Clemson University

  • Stetson University

  • West Virginia University

  • Temple University





PR'ed on their 2k 



Average decrease of 2k time



Max watt increase



Increase in SPI



Watt increase on a 20' rate-capped test

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