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At Live2Row, indoor rowing is not just a workout; it's an invitation to discover the best version of yourself.

Meet our Coaches


Live2Row Studios is an inclusive fitness community. Our team is everywhere, with attendees coast-to-coast in the US and across the globe. Members are youth and masters rowers who also train on the water, CrossFit athletes, garage athletes, and those discovering the sport through indoor rowing. 

Some train for rowing competitions; others row for fitness. Our desire to improve ourselves unites us into a single crew.  Together, we empower each other to grow and achieve our goals, one stroke at a time.

Approachability is our hallmark. We're the people you can comfortably ask the hard questions to. Our coaches love explaining the "why" behind the "how."


Attend live, coached sessions in our Ocoee, FL, rowing gym or virtually from wherever you are in the world. Mobile and desktop apps connect to our crew.

Every workout uses data-backed benchmarks to personalize your goals and track progress. Weekly classes use fitness zones to improve cardiovascular fitness. Rowing training camps follow goal-driven plans targeted to the training cycle.

All rowing classes provide real-time feedback to keep you accountable to your goals. Our coaches focus on the three factors that improve the rowing experience: application of power, technique, and efficiency.

At the core of our approach lies the Stroke Power Index (SPI), a foundational metric that allows us to tailor each workout to suit the needs of every participant, every time. This data-driven methodology not only personalizes your training sessions but also serves as a reliable measure of tangible progress towards your specific objectives, whether you're aiming for increased maximum power or a more impressive 2k test time. 

Stephen Pryor

Stephen’s 20+ years experience as a coxswain and a coach show through in how he helps you make immediate changes to your rowing technique and their impact on output. Stephen is passionate about rowing and its ability to change lives.

  • USRowing Level III Certified Coach

  • American Junior Coaches Conference

  • 2016 UCanRow2 Instructor Course

  • Head Men’s Coach - Orlando Area Rowing Society

  • Freshman/Novice Coach - Orlando Area Rowing Society

  • Head Masters Coach - Orlando Area Rowing Society

Justin Knust

With more than 25 years of coaching experience, Justin’s data focused coaching style is at the heart of Live2Row training methods. In our live classes and training camps, he keeps you focused on moving with intent and working hard.

  • USRowing Level III Certified Coach

  • CPR Certified

  • First Aid certified

  • Rowing Director - Lake County Rowing

  • Head Men’s Coach - Orlando Area Rowing Society

  • Head Coach - University of Florida

Meet our Founders

Kristin Foster

Liam Mashinski

Liz Hann

Matt Outlaw

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