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Join rowers from around the country this Summer for Live coached workouts that will help you get faster over 2,000 meters. 

We help rowers get comfortable & confident in all aspects of erg training. Technique, power application, suspension, leverage, race planning, preparation & execution are just some of the topics that will be coached. 


This education combined with our proven training methods will ensure that you will get back to the water fitter & faster than you were last year. 

Take the first step in getting faster this summer. Book your FREE session with a coach today. 

-10 seconds

Average improvement of 2k erg test


Average increase in Max Watts


Average increase in SPI (Stroke Power Index/work per stroke)

+5.6% in stroke length

Average Increase in Effective Drive Length

  • Virtual Summer HP (Summer B 7/8-8/31)

    Recommended for High School & College Rowers
    • High Performance - 2k Focus
    • July 8th - August 31st
    • Live Coached Sessions Mon-Sat at 10 am & 12:30 pm (EDT)
    • Live Session are 1 hour and 45 minutes
    • Train Live from anywhere
  • Virtual Summer HP Weekly Pass

    Drop in for one week of our Summer HP Camp
    • High Performance - 2k Focus
    • Valid 6/12 to 8/31
    • Live Coached Sessions Mon-Sat at 10 am & 12:30 pm (EDT)
    • Live Session are 1 hour and 45 minutes
    • Train Live from anywhere

Hear it from our rowers.

"Absolutely AMAZING experience with the Summer Rowing camp. The coaches were awesome and helped me improve my technique by so so much. I can see AND feel a difference in my rowing and I couldn’t be more grateful for my experience with this camp. I highly recommend the summer camp to any rower who is looking for a PR on their meter tests or even if you are looking for better technique in your rowing. Thanks so much Live2Row!" Breylan P.

"I’ve grown stronger and learned how to generate the most power while still conserving energy. I’ve learned which areas of my technique I need to improve on and have been given the support needed to achieve my goals. All this at a fair price." Anneke C.

"I participated in the high school high performance camp and was able to get 7 seconds off of my 2k time, this camp was extremely beneficial!" Chloe R.

"Live2Row studios is the only reason I am as good as I am. The team there is absolutely amazing and knocked off 20 seconds on my 2k PR during the summer high performance camp. Icannot stress how amazing this place is, you have to try!" Connor T.

"These guys gave me the direction I needed to really drop my 2K! If you are motivated and willing to work hard, this is the place to go. The coaches are so knowledgeable and a huge help." Kai B.

"My son was a U15 competitive rower last year and we opted to do Live2Row’s virtual high performance camp during the heat of summer. Although he did not drop his time by 10 seconds as the marketing touts, he did get faster and recovered quicker than before. The coaches are fantastic and make individual comments regularly. This class felt like it was customized and in-person. We will do it again. Kudos!" Marie M.

Interested? Book your FREE 1-on-1 session

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